Music is a big part of what we do and it says a lot about who we are. When it comes to our events and what music is played, we like to take into consideration the following before each and every track is played:

  • The type of event
  • The people at the event
  • The themes suggested in a song
  • The lyrics of the song

We always want you to enjoy what you hear, from current chart music to Christian, Country, to Rock and all that’s in between. We always like to play to the crowd and we have over 20,000 songs in our collection to chose from, and that number is growing as each week goes by. All our parties contain this vast mix of music as we hope to give every person attending something they would appreciate!

Being a christian group, we do not want to play any such songs with will dishonor the Lord or harm the testimony of Eternity Socials and we hold the right to refuse any such musical requests.

We hope you enjoy what you hear at our parties and we have setup a Spotify playlist below that you can have a listen to our favourite songs when you’re out and about!

If you have any requests, comments or suggestions when it comes to music at our socials, please do get in touch by emailing:

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