Socials are where we first got involved in Christian outreach. We usually have a time of banter and games, with a short epilogue half way through, we feel its an important aspect and it’s our duty as a Christian organisation to get out there and spread the word!

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Socials are a great way to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. People also use them for missionary fundraising and as part of youth weekends, GB, BB, youth club, Scripture Union & Christian Union events events.

 Our socials consist of the usual games for example:

  • Waves of Troy
  • Strip The Willow
  • Male/Female Musical Chairs
  • Long Way To Tipperary
  • Honeymoon Express
  • 1 Tonne Sack Race
  • Riverside Reel
  • Back to Back


We break up the games with a few line dances if required and everyone usually participates and has a great time.

We take photos at all our events with a professional camera and upload them to our Facebook page, it means the banter can continue online afterwards but also captures the moments of fun for everyone to see.

We are also fully insured and if you require a copy of our Public Liability insurance, you can view and save a copy by clicking here

Eternity Socials booking terms and conditions can also be read here

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