Terms and Conditions

Upon booking Eternity Socials you are legally bound to fulfill all required payment unless notice of cancellation is made as per the terms set out in section five.

In order to secure the date stated a deposit must be made to the value specified during pre-booking discussions.

Upon receipt of deposit and booking form, Eternity Socials  will reply with confirmation your booking will go ahead unless Eternity Socials decides it can no longer honor the contract.

Once confirmed by both parties both the Client and Eternity Socials are legally bound to perform the duties set out in these terms and conditions.

Any bookings with Eternity Socials must be made by a person of at least 16 years of age.

You must not use details other than your own unless giving details of a company for which you work for and have been given permission to book in the “About You” section of the booking form.

  1. Securing your booking

Until secured; Eternity Socials may withdraw any offer it has made.
Once you have agreed to a booking you will have 7 working day cooling off period, starting from the day after you entered into a contract with us (a working day does not include Saturday, Sunday or any Bank Holiday).

During this period you are entitled to a full refund minus any costs we may have incurred in processing your agreement.

After the 7 working days your deposit will become non-refundable and if you decide to cancel you may also incur reasonable fees for any services we have provided already if these are of more value than the original deposit.

Bookings made with less than 7 days until the scheduled event will require full payment upfront unless paying cash on the night.

If your party has been agreed as a free party, no deposit is required. 

Deposits are non transferable and if you reschedule your booking for another date a fresh deposit will be required. Likewise if you have secured a date with a free party, this offer is also non transferable.

2. Payments
The remaining balance may usually be paid up to 7 days before the schedule date via cheque, card or PayPal. Payment can also be carried out through our payment portal at the bottom of the Eternity Socials website.

Cash on the night is an accepted payment.

For all cash on the night payments, performance or setup may not be completed unless payment is made before the event start time
If you require other payment arrangements please let Eternity Socials know well in advance of the proposed performance.

3. Additional extras
Additional extras (a product or service you have requested which is not part of a standard sound & lighting setup) may be added after the booking process. Eternity Socials does not offer refunds or reductions if you discover an additional extra (which has been included during booking) is no longer required.

Any fines arising from the use of the additional extras either venue based or from local authorities is to be paid by the client and Eternity Socials.

3.1 Smoke and Haze machines
Before booking any atmospheric effect (smoke, low fog, or haze machines) it is advised you ask your venue if they are happy for them to be used. It is likely your venue may be fitted with smoke detectors and the machines may set off an alarm in the venue.

3.2 Bubble, Foam and Snow machines
Before booking please ensure your venue permits the use of these machines. If being used on hard surfaces such as a dance floor, tiled floor or any un-carpeted space these machines may cause the floor to become slippery. It is advised that all guests are warned of the risk of a slip hazard before entering the area of which the bubble machine is active.

3.3 Mood Lighting
We cannot guarantee your lighting will reach some areas you may require due to lack of plug sockets, distance from plug socket or difficultly installing lights. Chosen colours often may appear different depending on background and light limitations.

4. Parking and additional charges.

Please ensure a suitable parking space is available for Eternity Socials for the length of time required.
If there is no parking available next to the venue you must inform Eternity Socials.

If no parking is available and Eternity Socials has not been made aware of any parking difficulties you will either be charged the cost of parking and/or your start time may be delayed.

Double yellow lines, time limited parking or residents only areas do not count as possible parking spaces unless a permit is provided or the time limits allow parking from setup time to pack away time, if no other option is provided and no warning given you will be responsible for re-reimbursing the cost of any fines.

5. Cancellation

In the unlikely event of Eternity Socials having to cancel due to injury or illness a good effort will be made to find a suitable replacement.  If this isn’t possible, any payments made will be returned including deposits.

If either Eternity Socials or Client(s) has to cancel due to act of God where performance from Eternity Socials becomes unfeasibly difficult or expensive the deposit will be retained.

If the Client cancels within 21 days of the booked occasion 50% of the total fee is to be paid to Eternity Socials.

If the Client cancels within 7 days of the booked occasion or during the performance, the total fee will be liable.

If a booking takes place within 7 days of the scheduled event the cancellation fee is 50% of the total fee.

6. Refunds

Unless the performance and preparation you receive was misleading to what was advertised or agreed, in accordance with trading standards no part or full refunds will be made.

This includes lack of attendance by guests, weather conditions and/or unreasonable expectations from the Clients.

If your Eternity Social starts late due to parking, venue or issues which are not within their control no partial refund will be made.
Any complaints or issues during your event should be raised with Eternity Socials during performance and detailed via email afterwards.

Any inquiries into refunds should be made after the event has been completed.

7. Setup requirements

Space requirements vary, a standard mobile setup will require a space of 5m(16ft) in length, 2m(7ft) in depth, and 2m(7ft) in height, along with one 240v plug socket. Please allow more space and plug sockets for additional extras or larger set-ups.

Some setups can be made smaller and if this is required please inform Eternity Socials in good time.
The average set up time is between 45 minutes and an hour but may be less for small setups with easy access and parking.

Lack of information regarding setup and pack away times including obsticles such as stairs or long distances from DJ’s vehicle to setup area may result in a delayed start time or the requirement of venue staff to stay longer whilst packing away.

Children’s parties generally will require less equipment and therefore shorter times.

You must ensure we are made aware of any possible delays we may experience (ie: long distance from parking to setup area or venue not being accessible in good time).

Eternity Socials will have the right to start at a later than specified time with no penalty should inadequte setup time be given or no warning for possible delays.

Shelter must be provided for outdoor events where equipment could be damaged by weather conditions.

The area of which equipment is set up must be even and solid surface to prevent accidents.

8.Certificates (PLI, PAT etc)

You may request to see documentation such as Public Liability Insurance certificates or proof of PAT testing at any point.
If not specified as required during booking Eternity Socials may use a men on the night which does not possess these documents.

9. Responsibilties of the client

During the period of the evet you are responsible for your guests and any damage or theft which is caused by guests attending your event.

If any of your guests cause damage or steal equipment belonging to your Eternity Socials you may be asked to pay for the replacement or repair.

You must provide a safe and secure area for Eternity Socials to operate and should the equipment or the our safety be threatened we reserve the right to cease performance until the threat has been satisfactorily dealt with.

All children must be supervised at all times by at least one adult and behaviour should be dealt with by the client.
Verbal abuse is not tolerated and guests who are unable to behave should be dealt with by the client.

10. Photography

Eternity Socials may take photographs or videos during your event, should any of your guests wish otherwise please advise as soon as possible.

Any material captured may be used for advertising, should any photographs be offensive or should any guests wish them to be removed please contact Eternity Socials.

11. Advertisements

You have the right to request Eternity Socials does not place advertisements in the way of a banner or posters placed away from the equipment setup.

Some equipment may contain logos or contact information.
Business cards may be left around your venue, please inform us if you’d prefer there absence.

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