Summer Open Air 2018 – Tonight

Tonight we hit the Port big style once again with our summer open air rally as part of the Portstewart Red Sails Festival. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store and what the Lord has bestowed upon our hearts.

Running order for the evening is as follows:

Eternity Socials Summer Open Air 2018

Band: All That Is

Life Story: Joanne Aiken

Spoken Word: Stephen Silverson

Start time 8:30pm

Worship – All That Is (Two Songs)

Opening Prayer – Chris

Meet the Preacher

Life Story – Joanne Aiken

Worship – All That Is (One Song)

Epilogue – Stevie Silverson

Worship – All That Is (Two Pieces)

The meeting will be preceded by short time of prayer off which you’re welcome to join us, but to remember the evening in your own personal prayer time and we do hope to see you there.

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