Want to join the team? Here’s how..

In our fifteen years of doing parties we always have had an amazing team around us, and today that’s no different! We have the best people we can get, doing the best parties. Over time, the team has changed but we’re still committed to giving you the best party we can!

As things continue to get busier and older members take a step back we want to make sure we’re future proof and can continue to honour the bookings we take.

With this in mind we’re looking two people to join our casual team, taking the total number of team members from 10 to 12.

Firstly and foremost you must be a Christian. Our Christianity is at the very heart of what we do and should be evident at all our parties.

Secondly you must be up for some serious banter! We supply banter as standard at all our socials, so an outgoing personality and banterous nature go hand in hand! 

That’s probably about it…but seriously the above is a must along with the following criteria:

– Must be a Christian 
– Must be 18 or over
– Must hold a valid driving licence
– Must have a good knowledge of music  (both secular and Christian)
– Must not be afraid of a microphone
– Must have a decent understanding of DJ  music software and Microsoft office applications

– Ability to share in epilogues/talks
-Ability to lead a room in prayer
– Good knowledge of NI geographically

Don’t worry, work is very casual and you can pick and choose what parties you do. We wouldn’t expect any one person to be at them all!

If you think you can bring something to our party team, fire us an email at chris@eternitysocials.com and we can issue with an application form!

Closing date for applications is Friday 30th November 2018.

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